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May Leave You with Regrets

Why “Instagram” Overdone Makeup

If you’re on Instagram - and we all are – you have seen how the current trends in makeup are MORE is MORE. Multiple stripes of contouring, layers of concealer and foundation and lashes that look like centipedes are everywhere.


Although these looks are touted by celebrities and beauty influencers, it may not be the way to go for a “real” woman’s wedding day. And here are our top four reasons why:



Makeup Trends Will Date You

Trends come and trends go. Do you want to look back at your wedding photos and regret what you see?  If you’ve thumbed through your mom’s 1980’s wedding album you know what I mean. Five peacock shades of eyeshadow, frosted pink lips, and way too much blush streaked to the temples were all the rage back then. 

Choose neutral shades that compliment your skin tone.  Remember, contouring can be done beautifully using  a powder - not cream - formula.  A tasteful lash will not only enhance your eyes, but will look natural and much like your own. Over-highlighting your nose and cheeks may not look natural during the day. Go classic. It never fails.


Your Face Will Feel Uncomfortable and May Melt

Wedding makeup artists know every trick in the book so your look will last as long as possible, even in warmer weather.  If you choose a heavy makeup look with lots and lots of creamy contour and foundation, heavy lashes, and layers of “baking” powder, no matter what the artist does, your face will feel weighed down. 

Humid day? Your face will feel like it’s melting like hot wax. Not a great feeling to have for an eight to 10-hour day!

face melt.png


Heavy Makeup Looks Even Heavier in Sunlight

Wedding makeup is a very particular skill set. Professional makeup artists are experienced in recognizing the subtleties between a bride's makeup for the daylight and her evening look. They understand the distinction between the two and have the expertise to create the perfect look for the entire day.


When artists have a heavy hand or a client insists on a full, heavy application, you can run the risk of looking overdone in the daylight.  The trick is to wear enough makeup so you don’t look washed out in your morning and afternoon photos but still look amazing as you greet your wedding guests in the candlelight.  You can always add a bit more bronzer or blush and a darker or brighter lipstick for the reception.


 You May Not Look Like Yourself

If you are someone who wears little to no makeup, or normally a classic makeup look, don’t change it so drastically on your wedding day that your husband-to-be, friends or family don’t recognize you.

The wedding day is definitely not the time to go overboard!


We hope that we have offered some helpful insight on choosing your wedding makeup.

If you still have questions or need more guidance, let's set up a call to chat. Already had a free consultation? No problem, let's set up another call so that you can feel secure and confident before making your final decision.

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