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Wedding Day Close-Up Shots

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Wedding photographers are an absolute necessity and they are experts at getting all of your favorite wedding day photos.  And, you have many on your list - just don’t forget to get your close-ups or what we in the wedding business call your “beauty” shots!


So often, when we finally see our brides’ professional photos, we don’t see enough beautiful close-ups of the brides’ makeup and hair.  All of the artistic landscape and city landmark shots are great but don’t forget your up-close-and-personal beautiful photos of YOU!


Below are the five types of pictures to put on your list.

We hope that we have offered some helpful insight on getting the most out of your wedding day photos!

If you still have questions or need more guidance, let's set up a call to chat. Already had a free consultation? No problem, let's set up another call so that you can feel secure and confident before making your final decision.

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