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Bridal make-up

Wedding Day Prep

We want to make your wedding morning hair and makeup experience fun, organized and most of all ON TIME! So, take a minute to review our helpful and important preparation details below and don't forget to share with your bridal party:

Prepare your home, hotel room or venue for your team's arrival.

  • A separate space should be made available for stylists to conduct services.

  • For the safety and sanitary well-being of the artists and clients, animals are not permitted in the ready area. Please secure all animals in another room away from artist stations.

  • Stylists will not be work out doors. All ready rooms must be properly ventilated and air conditioned (summer), heated (winter).

  • It is the home owner's responsibility to cover floors or carpet that are near or directly under the artist work station.

  • If possible, stylists should not climb more than one flight of stairs to ready space as they carry heavy gear.

  • Service room should be clean and ready at start time. Stylists are to be provided with a non-smoking environment.

  • Kindly keep tables, sideboards and any surface area clear for team's hair and makeup gear.

  • Please have a low-back chair for each hair stylist. For makeup, if possible, please have one high stool per makeup artist.

  • If possible, request stools/chairs/tables from hotel staff the night before wedding- they are always available!

  • Absolutely no IV Infusion treatments are permitted during any client's service. 

Refer to Your Wedding Morning Timeline

  • Your team will arrive 30 minutes before the first party members are started.

  • Party members should be in the artist’s chair at their designated time slot- just know the timeline is not an exact science and could be asked to start a bit earlier so don't disappear!

  • Kindly do not eat during any service. Sip your mimosa but eat that bagel after your service please! And don't worry, your team will touch you up before leaving.

  • Switching time slots can be accommodated; however, it could mess up that beautifully timed schedule if too many people move their position, so it's not recommended.

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