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Preview Prep Sheet

We want to make your hair and makeup preview the most positive experience we can! So, take a minute to review some important preparation details below:

Share your wedding day inspiration! 

Fill out the form link that will be emailed to you. Upload your inspiration photos of hair and/or makeup so they can be shared with your artist(s). Along with these photos, please upload a selfie. 

But please be realistic!

Our stylists are incredibly talented, but not magicians! Remember, social media photos are often heavily edited. Hair styles with extra thickness or length often involve extensions. Consider your hair type when choosing a style.

The same goes for makeup.Inspiration is great, but let's keep it real! Many makeup photos are heavily edited. Embrace your natural beauty, and trust our artists to enhance your unique features authentically. Let's make your dream look a reality!

We come to you!

If at your home, if possible, we recommend that very young children and pets are not present. Remember --this is your time to get pampered!  Artists should not be asked to go up or down more than one floor or flight of stairs or work outdoors. Please cover carpet and valuable tables if necessary to avoid damage.

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