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Five Activities You Should Avoid on Your Wedding Morning

Many brides today take on too many wedding tasks, ultimately driving themselves into a stressfilled frenzy of last-minute details right up to the day of their wedding. If this is you, whatever you have planned for that very last week before the big day, here are five activities you should absolutely avoid when you awake on your wedding day.



Working Out

We know! You love to work out.


Most likely, in preparing for the big day, you’ve spent the last few months ticking off thousands of miles on the treadmill, riding hills on your bike and sweating through Zumba class.


Think about it – you go for a run that morning, trip, fall and sprain your ankle. You wipe out on your bike and crack your face on the pavement – not a good situation to find yourself in on the day of your wedding.


A few yoga stretches to get the blood flowing is fine - just take it easy, soak in that luxurious hotel bathtub and take a day off!


Making Last Minute Floral, Signs, etc.

Make sure you have all your important wedding day details completed BEFORE the day of your wedding.


If you’re a DIY Queen, get your friends and family to help you no later than the week before your wedding.


The last thing you want is to be fussing around with unfinished florals, welcome signs or favors when it’s a time to be doted on and pampered!



Using Untested Facial or Body Products

Don't pick the big day to try out that new eye cream, facial mask or body scrub.


You only get ONE wedding morning, so you don't want an unkown allergy to initiate a raging case of hives.


Make sure to try any new cosmetics, facial products or body treatments a minimum of one month to your date. This way, you absolutely know if anything you’ve used gives a reaction and if so, you can heal inflammation with enough time.


Drinking Too Much Alcohol

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a sparkling mimosa as you and your party enjoy being pampered and beautified by your hair and makeup team - just don’t over do it and know your limits!


Alcohol doesn’t just affect your memory, movement, speech and judgment, but it can make you look sloppy. It also affects your skin and can make you look over flushed and even sweaty.


Drink just enough to take away the jitters but remember it’s YOU who is in the spotlight!



Eating Too Little

Like many brides who want to look perfect, you’ve been dieting for months!


But on your wedding day, have that bagel with a shmear or a warm blueberry muffin.


You need a good breakfast to start the day since you may not eat for sometime. First looks, photos and family greetings fill up the wedding day and no one wants to see their beautiful bridal fainting down the aisle!

We hope that we have offered some helpful insight to create a stress-free wedding morning. 

If you still have questions or need more guidance, let's set up a call to chat. Already had a free consultation? No problem, let's set up another call so that you can feel secure and confident before making your final decision.

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